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About MAW Charities

MAW Charities was developed in honor of such women as Louise Edwards of Cincinnati, Ohio who faced unusual circumstances when her husband passed away unexpectedly.  At the young age of 33, she raised her 8 children on her own, and expecting to enjoy her grandchildren as she faced retirement, she was met by another challenge: to raise 8 children whose parents had abandoned them. Without hesitation, she took on this challenge implementing the same formula she used for her kids: staying focused on God, hard work, and the support of friends.

When women face these types of situations, they have to settle for less regarding relationships, health, education, and finances. Their children also suffer educationally as well as not being afforded the same opportunities that their peers have in life.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to have communities where abandoned or widowed mothers can live with dignity and respect through turbulent times.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist those mothers who have been abandoned by their husbands; or whose husbands have died prematurely. Assisting them with
childcare, transportation, and
continuing education.

Our Values

Our Values: We acknowledge and value the dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves in creating and maintaining an environment that promotes caring equality and self-esteem for those mothers who have been abandoned or widowed unexpectedly.