MAW Charities is a non-profit established to provide a range of assistance to previously married mothers with children under 18 who have been abandoned by their husbands or whose husbands have died prematurely.

Our Causes


We will work with mothers to provide transportation, by working with reputable transportation providers or mechanics to get mothers to work, school, and or children to car facilities and activities.


We believe that for these mothers to pursue a better lifestyle, it is important that the children are well taken care of through this rough time. We will work with creditable childcare facilities when mothers are working or pursuing educational goals.


We intend to assist those mothers who have been abandoned or widowed by providing them an opportunity to spend time with tutors, counselors, and acumen specialists to better prepare them for handling a life of a single parent.


MAW Charities Celebrates 10 Years

Women & Children Assisted
Families Served


MAW Charities is holding its 10th Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds to support our mothers and their children. We invite you to join our efforts by sponsoring this annual event.